Standard Services:

Data Recovery from the following devices:

  • IDE/SATA/SAS hard drives
  • Thumb drives (including ones with broken USB connectors)
  • SD Cards and CompactFlash
  • SSD drives
  • Flash-based drives from the latest Apple Mac desktops and laptops.
  • RAID Arrays (including digital reassembly of the data)
  • LaCie, G-Raid, Glyph Drives

Mac Users:

  • Note that many computer repair places and data recovery facilities reluctantly take data recovery jobs from Macs.
  • We proudly specialize in Mac computers and we understand their filesystem on a deep level that allows us to perform recoveries that others can't or aren't willing to do so!

Data Migration Services:

  • If you are local to Northern Virginia/Washington DC Metro area, we can deliver your drive back to you and help you migrate your data back to your computer. Our sister company can also provide other repair and support services.
  • If you live anywhere else in the world, we can help you migrate your data remotely.

These services are at an additional cost. Please Contact Us for more information.

Backup Strategies:

So that you never suffer another data loss, we can provide you with a solid backup strategy and/or help evaluate why an existing one did not work.